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Brand Video

Your brand is who you are – Brand Video Production is your elevator pitch. It’s your brand’s heartbeat distilled in a short, yet powerful message that grabs attention and invokes action. The video’s message and style will vary.

A brand video can be a corporate video, a docu-style video, or many other forms. However, its purpose is always the same; translate your values and your value to your audience and entertain them. We live in a world where if you want to be remembered, you must be unique and memorable.


Documentary/ Film

Documentaries are some of the most impactful and emotionally persuasive pieces of media. They are nonfictional motion pictures intended to document reality, so that a viewer can be better informed, educated, or enlightened about a subject they had little to no prior knowledge about.

They are genuine accounts of specific stories that are unscripted and are becoming one of the most largely consumed film mediums in recent times.

Corporate Video

Simply put, corporate video production is a brand or organization communicating internally or to their core sales targets. It can be an internal business communication via video, training videos, a brand awareness film, an update about a recent award a company or team member may have won, or it could even be a vlog or videos directed to your customers.

They are not precisely advertisements but more like keeping those informed whom you deem essential to inform.

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Product Video

You have something you need to sell and a great video can aid in that process. A product video is a thorough and engaging use and explanation of that thing and how it is used conveyed in a way that makes it appealing for its intended consumers to buy.

Whether it’s an app, a hard good, a service, or anything else that needs users or customers, product video production is meant to be an effective tool for that company or brand to use in its efforts to let everyone know how great their product or how it may work.

“I cannot give you the formula for success, but I can give you the formula for failure. It is: Try to please everybody.” david oswald

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